A polka written for my kitty Tipika ❤


Tank Commander


Slip Jig written in memory of world bodhran champion (& all-around great guy) Paul Phillips from Belfast, Northern Ireland RIP 2007. This tune was recorded on the New Years Eve Session 2008 CD to benefit the Paul Phillips Memorial Bodhran Scholarship. You can find more info at www.bodojo.com.

I first met Paul Phillips at Seamus O'Kane's house in Derry, Ireland. He quickly became a friend & a mentor. A few weeks before he passed away, Paul Phillips was in Milwaukee teaching bodhran at the Irish Fest Summer School. My favorite memory from that week was myself, being the only melody instrument, surrounded by at least ten top notch bodhran players from around the world all playing harmoniously and beautifully together at the same time whilst I fiddled. It was absolutely brilliant.

I was honored to have spent many such wonderful moments with Paul. Playing tunes with him was truly magical. Here's to you, Tank Commander...


Checkered Blanket


This is a jig I wrote in 2007 & later recorded on the 'Athas' CD. The tune didn't have a title when I composed it, so I just named it after the first thing I saw when I looked around the room.


Máire's Jig


Tune written in a workshop at BLAS International Summer School in Limerick, Ireland. Máire Breatnach was teaching a tune writing class and gave us one measure of music that we had to incorporate into our own composition. The first measure is Máire's, the rest of the tune was written by me. I believe we had about 15 minutes to write our tunes, after which we played our tunes for the class. The compositions were all gathered up and photocopied to share with the rest of the class members. I still have that packet of original compositions. So I dedicated this to Máire, but it's also dedicated to Jan Banis, Andreas Transø, Margaret Lloyd, ALANDfiddler, Cassie and Kim. Enjoy!


A Waltz For Amy


Improvised this tune late one night while the lovely Amy Richter was teaching someone to waltz at the Ardor Pub monthly set dance hosted by Athas & friends. I miss those Friday nights at the Ardor Pub. The Ardor just mysteriously closed it's doors one day without warning...But the memories & the laughs are still grand.


Teatime With Seamus


This tune was written after an amazing day in August 2006. Amy Richter and I were in Ireland to compete in the Fleadh Cheoil Na hEireann and Amy wanted to purchase a new drum from world-famous bodhran maker Seamus O'Kane in Derry, Ireland. We took a bus to the middle of nowhere and were dropped off next to a castle. Seamus drove to get us and brought us back to his wonderful home & workshop. Seamus was an excellent host and it was fascinating to see some of his older drums and his works in progress. That visit with Seamus was also the first time we met world champion bodhran player Paul Phillips, who just happened to drop in at Seamus' place, much to our good fortune. Hearing Seamus & Paul tell stories and have a laugh was a wonderful experience that I'll never forget. (And Seamus' wife was very gracious in fixing us tea and snacks when she arrived home to a house full of people).




Heather's Polka

Here's a tune I wrote during Liz Carroll's Irish fiddle class at UW-Milwaukee in 2003. That semester with Liz was great! Lots of tunes & lots of laughs. I originally titled this polka 'Liz's Class', but everybody around Milwaukee just calls it 'Heather's Polka'.