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If you practice, you get better. If you get better, you play with better players. If you play with better players, you play better music. If you play better music, you have more fun. If you have fun, you want to practice more. If you practice more, you get better...

105/11/2020 by Heather Lewin

News & Updates

I'll post a copy of any newsletters or studio updates here.

310/13/2021 by Heather Lewin

Recitals/Performance Opportunities

Upcoming performance opportunities for students

204/26/2021 by Heather Lewin

FREE Online Tuners & Metronomes

401/20/2022 by Heather Lewin

Practice Tools

Things to help you practice more efficiently

2107/09/2020 by Heather Lewin

Music Theory

Post topics relating to music theory

1907/06/2020 by Heather Lewin


Viola stuff

605/14/2020 by Heather Lewin


Cello stuff

1504/29/2021 by Heather Lewin


So many things to discuss when you’re new to the instrument. Post beginner topics here.

505/15/2020 by Heather Lewin

Essential Elements

Post Essential Elements related topics here

105/12/2020 by Heather Lewin


Post Suzuki related topics here

706/16/2020 by Heather Lewin

Irish Fest School of Music

Post IFSM related things here

805/18/2020 by Heather Lewin

Fiddle Styles & Tune Types

Post Fiddle related topics here

2305/22/2020 by Heather Lewin

Composition and Improvisation

Post improvisation related topics here

705/30/2020 by Heather Lewin

Expanding Your Repertoire

Things to try outside of your everyday lesson books. Post topics by level of difficulty.

1005/22/2020 by Heather Lewin

FREE Online Fiddle Music Links

Online links for free sheet music and recordings

1310/13/2021 by Heather Lewin

FREE Online Classical Music links

Classical Sheet music and recordings

105/15/2020 by Heather Lewin


It's incredibly important to know the connection between music & dance. It makes you a well-rounded musician. Here I'll post links to vidoes of different dance types to accompany the tunes you're learning.

905/22/2020 by Heather Lewin

Playing for Dancers

There are many things to know when you plan to play music for dancers. Here are some things to get you started.

105/19/2021 by Heather Lewin

Heather’s Original Tunes

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