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Be kind, courteous, & respectful. Keep in mind that there are people of all ages on this site.

105/11/2020 by Heather Lewin

News & Updates

I'll post a copy of any newsletters or studio updates here.

310/13/2021 by Heather Lewin

Recitals/Performance Opportunities

Upcoming performance opportunities for students

204/26/2021 by Heather Lewin

FREE Online Tuners & Metronomes

304/29/2021 by Heather Lewin

Practice Tools

Things to help you practice more efficiently

2107/09/2020 by Heather Lewin

Music Theory

Post topics relating to music theory

1907/06/2020 by Heather Lewin


Viola stuff

605/14/2020 by Heather Lewin


Cello stuff

1504/29/2021 by Heather Lewin


So many things to discuss when you’re new to the instrument. Post beginner topics here.

505/15/2020 by Heather Lewin

Essential Elements

Post Essential Elements related topics here

105/12/2020 by Heather Lewin


Post Suzuki related topics here

706/16/2020 by Heather Lewin

Irish Fest School of Music

Post IFSM related things here

805/18/2020 by Heather Lewin

Fiddle Styles & Tune Types

Post Fiddle related topics here

2305/22/2020 by Heather Lewin

Composition and Improvisation

Post improvisation related topics here

705/30/2020 by Heather Lewin

Expanding Your Repertoire

Things to try outside of your everyday lesson books. Post topics by level of difficulty.

1005/22/2020 by Heather Lewin

FREE Online Fiddle Music Links

Online links for free sheet music and recordings

1310/13/2021 by Heather Lewin

FREE Online Classical Music links

Classical Sheet music and recordings

105/15/2020 by Heather Lewin


It's incredibly important to know the connection between music & dance. It makes you a well-rounded musician. Here I'll post links to vidoes of different dance types to accompany the tunes you're learning.

905/22/2020 by Heather Lewin

Playing for Dancers

There are many things to know when you plan to play music for dancers. Here are some things to get you started.

105/19/2021 by Heather Lewin

Heather’s Original Tunes

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