Arlo's Delight

Jig written during Andy Reiner's Tunewriting Masterclass (2020). I later recorded a live loop of Arlo's Delight in Lööping Cläss wïth Änders ünd Fläx (2020). The tune is dedicated to my grandson Arlo Houck.





Written from a prompt for Peter Mulvey's 2021 songwriting group.  

Tank Commander 

Slip Jig written in memory of world bodhran champion (& all-around great guy) Paul Phillips from Belfast, Northern Ireland RIP 2007. This tune was included on the 'New Years Eve Session 2008' recordings to benefit the Paul Phillips Memorial Bodhran…

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A polka written for my kitty Tipika ❤




Heather's Polka 

Here's a tune I wrote during Liz Carroll's Irish fiddle class at UW-Milwaukee in 2003. That semester with Liz was great! Lots of tunes & lots of laughs. I originally titled this polka 'Liz's Class', but everybody around Milwaukee just… Read more

Teatime With Seamus

This tune was written after an amazing day in August 2006. Amy Richter and I were in Ireland to compete in the Fleadh Cheoil Na hEireann and Amy wanted to purchase a new drum from world-famous bodhran maker Seamus O'Kane…

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Checkered Blanket

This is the other tune written for Liz Carroll's class & later recorded on the 'Athas' CD. The tune didn't have a title when I composed it, so I just named it after the first thing I saw when I…

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A Waltz For Amy 

Improvised this tune late one night while the lovely Amy Richter was teaching someone to waltz at the Ardor Pub monthly set dance hosted by Athas & friends. I miss those Friday nights at the Ardor Pub. The Ardor just…

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Máire's Jig

Tune written in a workshop at BLAS International Summer School in Limerick, Ireland. Máire Breatnach was teaching a tune writing class and gave us one measure of music that we had to incorporate into our own composition. The first measure…

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I Just Work Here 

My first official song with lyrics. Written in Peter Mulvey's songwriting group 2021