Heather’s Polka

Here’s a fun tune I wrote during Liz Carroll’s Irish fiddle class at UW-Milwaukee in 2003. That semester with Liz was great! Lots of tunes & lots of laughs. I originally titled this polka ‘Liz’s Class’, but everybody around Milwaukee…



A 4 part rambling single reel with some unusual chord changes thrown in. Written sometime in 2009.


Pigs In A Blanket

This slide was inspired by two good friends, Andreas Transo and Paul Marshall, and their amusing mishaps & adventures. Written during a visit to Ireland in December 2008.

(Pig in a blanket is an appetizer also referred to as a…


Barely Slidin’ By

A jumpy slide written on November 22, 2004. Pairs nicely with Olivia’s Not Sleepy


Olivia’s Not Sleepy

A slide I wrote for my very energetic younger daughter Olivia Tyler Tiarks in 2005. She’s still often wide awake when she should be sleeping.


Tank Commander

Slip Jig written in memory of world bodhran champion (& all-around great guy) Paul Phillips from Belfast, Northern Ireland RIP 2007. This tune was included on the ‘New Years Eve Session 2008’ recordings to benefit the Paul Phillips Memorial Bodhran…


Chocolate Milk Reel

A reel I wrote for my daughter Kelsy Ana Lewin in 2005 when chocolate milk was her favorite thing.


Wishing, Too

Another version of ‘Wishing’ written in 2005


Checkered Blanket

This is the other tune written for Liz Carroll’s class & later recorded on the ‘Athas’ CD. The tune didn’t have a title when I composed it, so I just named it after the first thing I saw when I…


A polka written for my kitty Tipika ❤